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Rent Income Guarantee

We are the only ones offering a rent guarantee

We are proud of the fact that we are the only Property Management company in Auckland we know of offering landlords ‘RENT INCOME GUARANTEE’. That means that if during a tenancy that we have set-up and there are rental arrears (for whatever reason) we will pay the rent for a specified period and re-let the property at no cost to the owner.

You have to be confident of your ability in order to do that …we are and that’s why we can! We call that a guarantee, our property owners call it ‘peace of mind’


Auckland’s top rated Property Management company

One of the highest rated property management firms in New Zealand. 4.5/5 stars!!

Our services

  • Free rental appraisal
  • Comprehensive tenant screening and selection
  • Entry and Exit inspections with photos and videos
  • Routine inspections and maintenance coordination
  • Preparation and enforcement of Tenancy

Our happy landlords

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