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About Us

We are a local Auckland business specialising in property management and investment.

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Who we are

We are NOT a real estate company, so unlike a lot of other property managers who sell properties, we aren't confused by our role. It's simple - on your behalf we will find you good tenants who will look after your property, paying good market rent on time, every time. OK it's not that simple - but we make it look that way - to make life easy for you.

It's our job to make owning a rental property easy and give you peace of mind that your property is in the best hands, meaning you have more time to focus on what's important.

Our Services

Our owners get a unique service unparalleled in the Auckland market. We like to say that we are small enough to be personal yet big enough to be experts. Here are just some of the benefits we offer:

  • Experts in property management, including leasing, carrying out inspections and managing repairs and maintenance.
  • We guarantee your rent payments.
  • Investment property finding, assessment and advice.
  • Contactable 24/7 - 365 days of the year.
  • Expertise in relation to relevant New Zealand legislation.
  • Full time staff dedicated to various roles - property managers, leasing, finance and administration.
  • Efficient, timely and cost effective repairs and maintenance service with no additional fee or charges.
  • Advanced technology systems - our property management system allows you to access real time information about your property at anytime from anywhere in the world.
  • Dealing with tenancy issues and attending Tenancy Tribunal hearings.
  • Members of the Independent Property Managers Association.

Meet The Team

Ryan Weir

Business Owner

Ryan spent 10 years in the financial industry, covering many relationship management roles. As a landlord himself, he understands the issues and what's most important to many property owners.

He bought his first house at the age of 19 and began renting it out in Dunedin, where he was born and raised. Ryan is a second generation property manager and co-founded Walker Weir in 2012.

He loves traveling and has an eye for improving property to enhance returns.

Brett Gordon

Senior Property Manager

Brett has specialised in Residential Property Management for approximately 15 years and has developed an expertise managing houses, apartments and units all over Auckland. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of tenancy management and treats landlords and tenants alike as valued clients.

In an ever-changing industry, Brett is proud to be at Walker Weir Property Management, staying at the forefront of technology and knowledge in the field. Property investing runs deep in Brett’s family and he knows what it takes to successfully manage your property.

Roberta Zhao

Office manager

Having a Bachelor of Business degree from UNITEC, Roberta has been now living in New Zealand for more than 18 years. With the passion of property, Roberta has been working in the real estate industry since 2000.

The experience she aquired through her various positions enabled her to adapt herself quickly to work in property management company which involves interactions with administration, property management and people.

She has been serving the company in support of property managers and always committing to deliver a top quality service to their owners, tenants and trade people.

Sinead Conroy

Property Manager

Sinead has spent 5 years in Property Management shared between New Zealand and the UK. After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Housing Management along with her experience to date Sinead has a wealth of knowledge in Property Maintenance and Tenancy Management which allows for her to provide an all-inclusive service to her clients.

George Yeoman

Inspections Manager

George conducts the routine inspections on properties. Proficient in identifying areas where preventative maintenance can profit a landlord, George has a sharp eye for maintenance warning signs which serves him well when it comes to detecting any issues that tenants may not have spotted or reported.

Brought up in a family involved in property development & investment, George's passion for all things property is unmistakable. He is also completing a Bachelor of Property at Auckland University and one day would like to be involved in the design & building of sustainable carbon neutral buildings.

How We Can Help

Already have tenants?

If you already have tenants in place - great. We will introduce ourselves to them and review their tenancy agreements to understand how long they've been residing in your property and how well they've been treating it.

Is your property vacant?

If your property is vacant, We'll get to work advertising and screening for the best tenants we can find. You've probably heard about our Rental Guarantee - so enjoy the peace of mind that your rental income will be consistent and on time.

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