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Rent Tenders

A lot of the Auckland rental property owners we work with choose to use our unique and profitable rent tender system when it comes to setting and collecting rent.

Here’s how it works

Property listed

We list your property with a price indication, based on market rents.

Tenants bid

Interested tenants bid on the property, providing us with the rental amount they are willing to pay.

Highest bid accepted

The highest bids from the most qualified tenants are accepted.

This rental tender system comes with a number of important benefits:

Landlords can earn more money on their properties; there’s no need to settle for the “market rent.”
You won’t have to worry about under-renting your property or decreasing its value with a lower than necessary rental price.
Use the extra rental income to pay down your mortgage, make improvements, or invest in additional properties.
Tenants can get the property they want and secure it immediately with the right bid.
Tenants don’t have to waste time visiting other properties and filling out numerous applications; they can act immediately on the house they want.
Tenants drive the value of the property, establishing the amount that they’re willing to pay.


Why setting the price correctly is so important

There are times when a property is advertised with the traditional fixed price method, and the price attached to it is too high. When you list your home with an unrealistic rental amount, it will invariably remain on the market and vacant. That costs an owner money! With the tender system, that same property will still receive offers from tenants who want to rent it. This saves the owner money because the property is occupied and rental income is coming in.

This is a unique program that other Auckland property management companies are not using. We will use all the best features of your home to market it aggressively and increase the price that tenants are interested in paying.

At Walker Weir, we believe in innovation. Your Auckland rental investment has a lot of potential, and we want to make sure you maximise all of it. We have taken over the management of a number of properties that were underperforming, and through tools such as this rent tender system, we have increased rental income and long term returns.

img4Remember! Our rent tenders all come with our tenant guarantee

If your tenants don't pay rent on time, we'll cover the month that they missed and replace them with better tenants at no cost to you. With our professional property management services. Learn more >

Successfully rented properties

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