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Tenant services

This page is for our tenants, everything you need to know is here,and you can also apply and view our listings.

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Prospective Tenants

Contact us

Get in touch with us via our Phone number - 09 972 1212, email or through one of our Trade me listings online - check them out here.

View a property

Once you have sent an enquiry we will arrange a viewing with you. A Walker Weir manager will walk you through the property and answer any questions.


Once you decide you want to apply for the property, you'll need to fill out an application and provide us with some documentation and information.

Improve Your Chances

Check out our tips below to give you the best chance possible when applying for a property

  • Tell us about yourself. When you contact our office to schedule a viewing, tell us when you want to move and why you're leaving your current home.
  • Fill out the application completely. Don't leave anything blank, and don't leave us chasing down information that we've requested.
  • Be prepared. You'll need to provide proof of income and identification, and we'll need contact information for your references.
  • Provide adequate references. We'll want to talk to your employer and one or two of your previous landlords. There's no need to add references who are personal friends or family members.
  • Demonstrate that you're a desirable tenant. Show us a documented history of earning enough income, paying your rent on time, and being a responsible citizen and neighbour.
  • Understand our rent tender program. When you're filling out your application, you could be invited to make an offer on how much rent you're willing to pay for the property above the price guide. Plan carefully for this, because other prospective tenants will also be making offers, so you want yours to be competitive.
  • Be honest on your application. If you've had a tenancy terminated, or a large sum deducted from your bond in the past, you won't automatically disqualify yourself. We'll listen to your explanation 

We pay you twice monthly, and the funds are transferred electronically from our trust account to yours. You’ll receive a statement with your deposit that explains all the income and expenses for the period.

Property managers are available at Walker Weir 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If something happens that needs immediate attention, we’ll be able to respond right away.

We conduct the entry inspection, the exit inspection, and then routine inspections throughout the tenancy. Some of our property owners want us to go inside quarterly and others are satisfied with a semi-annual inspection. We’ll talk about your concerns and decide how often we should inspect the home.

Our screening process ensures only tenants with a history of on-time rental payments will be approved for your property. However, if we find a tenant is slow or unable to pay, we will cover that month’s rent for you and find you a new tenant at no extra cost.

Walker Weir has a unique method to gaining the highest possible rent for you. Where appropriate, we use our tender system to encourage competition between tenants for your home. In the end, the property goes to the qualified tenant who is willing to pay the most for it. This means you get more than what the market demands for your property, and the value of your home also increases.

There is a minimal fee to cover the costs of advertising, but we won’t charge you anything above the advertising expenses. We simply pass the incurred costs onto the owner.

Our exceptional advertising and marketing strategies will attract a large pool of interested tenants. We will efficiently respond to their questions, show your property, and process applications. At Walker Weir, we know that long vacancies are expensive, and we’ll get a highly qualified renter into your home as quickly as possible. We also manage lease termination dates to ensure we’re looking for new tenants during the peak season when the prices are at optimum levels.

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