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About Us

Walker Weir is a team of talented and experienced business leaders, leasing experts, and

Auckland property management professionals.

Ryan WeirRyan Weir

Ryan spent 10 years in the financial industry, covering many relationship management roles. As a landlord himself, he understands the issues and what’s most important to many property owners. He bought his first house at the age of 19 and began renting it out in Dunedin, where he was born and raised. Ryan is a second generation property manager and co-founded Walker Weir in 2012. He loves traveling and has an eye for improving property to enhance returns.

JoelJoel Thompson

Joel is a Walker Weir franchisee from East Auckland who spent 15 years as a professional electrician. This gives him a desirable maintenance background, which helps his clients save money on repairs and maintenance. He became a property management business owner in 2013 because he wanted to bring a new level of customer service to the industry. He’s a property investor himself, and in addition to running this business, he has a martial arts school in East Auckland.

JoJo Weisbach

Jo is a property manager with a lot of leasing experience. She is committed to customer service, communication, and organisation. Her background in finance and accounting ensures everything we do at Walker Weir is transparent and accurate. She has a keen eye for detail and a passion for property. When she isn’t managing our office, Jo is busy with her hobbies, which revolve around fitness and good food.

Tara Thompson

Tara is married to Joel and an experienced property investor. She oversees the day to day management of the East Auckland Franchise and operates her own portfolio of residential properties. Before joining Walker Weir, she worked in accounting, account management, and relationship management. She is also a native of East Auckland and loves providing outstanding customer service and sharing her passion for property.


Gala Young

As our dedicated residential leasing specialist, Gala takes care of all our open homes and coordinates the viewings with prospective tenants. Before joining Walker Weir, Gala managed a boutique, and worked in the hospitality industry. She loves providing outstanding customer service, and travels whenever she can.

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