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Meth Testing and Smoke Alarm Programme for Auckland Rental Homes

At Walker Weir, we strive to provide the services our clients need. With new laws involving smoke alarms and a rising methamphetamine problem, our Auckland property management services have expanded to address these concerns. We have two programmes that landlords and investors will find especially valuable.

Smoke Alarm Programme

Working smoke alarms are now required in all rental properties. These alarms must meet the building code standards, or potentially face fines and penalties. At Walker Weir, we want to help you stay in compliance. With our Annual Smoke Alarm Programme, property owners can protect themselves and their tenants by having smoke alarms professionally installed and serviced. Here’s what our programme provides:

  • Professional installation of code-compliant smoke alarms in your rental property
  • Checking, testing, and regular service of smoke alarms
  • 9v photo-electric smoke alarms supply and installation – includes up to 3 free per property, $25 for additional alarms
  • 10-year operational guarantee on all alarms
  • Certificate of Compliance issued and on file

The Smoke Alarm Programme is $99 per year, plus GST. It’s for your protection and will ensure you abide by all smoke alarm laws.

Methamphetamine Testing Programme

The drug commonly known as meth is spreading across New Zealand. While it was once a problem for fringe pockets of society, you’ll find professionals who are now recreational meth users. You need to check for meth contamination in your rental property, or face potential consequences from The Tenancy Tribunal. If your tenants can prove that your property has been contaminated with meth, you may be required to refund all the rent they have paid, let them out of their lease, and pay to replace their furniture, clothing, and other personal belongings that were exposed to the contaminated property.

To protect your property, we will enroll it in our Meth Testing Programme. This programme will make your property more attractive to tenants because they’ll know there’s been a negative test screening result for meth contamination before they move in. It’s good for you, the landlord, because at the end of the tenancy, if a meth test comes back positive, the tenants can be held responsible.

Each meth test will cost $95, plus GST, which is far less than what private testing companies charge. You’ll need to let us know if you don’t want this testing done, and you’ll have to complete some exemption paperwork. We strongly encourage the test for your own protection.

Talk to us about any questions and concerns you might have about smoke alarm compliance and meth testing. We’re here to provide all your Auckland property management answers.

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