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Common Repairs for Older Properties

A wire on fire

All houses require ongoing maintenance. There is no alternative but to let them fall down around you. As properties get older maintenance that has been avoided can start driving up the cost of repairs. The best way to keep on top of maintenance is to have a yearly schedule for inspections and upkeep. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common repairs for older properties.

Roof Repairs 

Most people don’t realise just how much maintenance roofs require. They should be inspected annually for loose and missing tiles, which is a great time to empty gutters. Most roofs have a lifespan of 20 to 50 years depending on the materials used in construction. All roofs will need to be replaced eventually. Typically metal roofs last longer and require less maintenance than tiles. Problems with roofs escalate quickly; one missing tile creates an opening for wind to easily tear off other tiles. Any small perforation in the waterproofing system of the roof can start the process of water infiltration. Water getting into the roof can swell and destroy insulation, encourage the growth of mould, or compromise the structural integrity of the roofs frame. In some cases, all of that can happen before there are visible signs of water damage inside the property.

Plumbing Repairs

Many people might think plumbing is set in stone but foundations move. Before the prevalence of plastic pipes, plumbing was constructed using materials that are vulnerable to corrosion. Underground plumbing problems with sewage infrastructure is common, particularly given the increases in human density. A subdivided property with four small units might be funnelling through a bottleneck of the original two bedroom home sewage pipe. Of course, plumbing problems occur in the house too. With older houses, regular wear and tear over many years can cause numerous problems with pipes and fittings.

Electrical Repairs

A hundred years ago, electricity was a lot more of a novelty than it is now. These days, there can be hundreds of electrical appliances in every house. Demand and expectations from the electrical grid have never been higher especially with the emergence of electric vehicles.

Unfortunately, older houses were often built without the present demand for electricity wired into their walls. This can cause problems. Additionally, if there have ever been pest problems, there may be exposed or frayed wiring in the walls, exposing the house to risk of electrical fault and fire.

Walker Weir Offers a Full Suite of Landlord Services

Walker Weir are professional property managers in Auckland. Our primary consideration is the property owner’s interests and that means we are thorough with our property maintenance. We carry out regular inspections to catch minor structural issues before they become expensive problems. When repairs are required we will organise them through our extensive list of trusted tradespeople. Call us today on 022 657 9432 or contact us online.

July 23rd, 2018