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Hello from chilly Auckland!

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No one wants to make the search for a property to rent longer than it has to be...

The property market in summer is crazy. Particularly in January when there is an influx of people coming to the Auckland. Hopeful tenants vying for a property will be competing with groups establishing new flats, people relocating for work and families moving closer to schools. Last summer, a property we managed had 12 applications lodged on it alone, which meant 1 happy group, but leaves 11 disappointed groups that will need to continue their search - browsing TradeMe, attending more viewings and filling out more application forms, sigh.

Tenants often ask us, how can I give myself the best chance at being the successful application for the property I want?

Walker Weir Property Management's 3 tips that will increase your chances of getting the property you want:

1. Be prepared.

Consider bringing your references with you. If a property manager has multiple applications to process but doesn't need to chase references this could give you the edge.
A cover letter can add that personal touch and make you stand out. Explaining your situation can make the agent more comfortable about setting up a tenancy after having a full understanding of what you're up to.
If you're confident that the property you are viewing is the one for you just based on the ad then consider filling out a tenancy application form and bringing it with you. These are often available on the Auckland property management firm's website. This will not only save you time at the property but it will also show that you're well prepared.

2. Honesty is the best policy

Dodging the truth about any issues in the past is likely to be uncovered by a diligent property manager. With the digital age almost anything is available online; it takes less than a minute to check a persons credit history or to check the title of that bogus name of a landlord reference. Tenancy tribunal decisions stay on the record for 7 years.
Overall, it's best to be upfront and honest about any skeletons in the closet otherwise when they are uncovered this will impact your credibility with the agent and your chances of securing the property.

3. First impressions last

Yes, as cliche as it may sound, first impressions last. Being polite on that first email or phone contact does help!  At the viewing doing the basics like being on time (or sending courtesy text message to advise if you're late), leaving your footwear at the door, being well mannered will all help.


Good luck out there,

Walker Weir Property Management


December 28th, 2015


Our annual Spring Offer has gone live: if you refer a friend to us and we end up managing their property, you will get 3 months FREE property management in Auckland. If you have a friend for us to contact please drop us a line it’s that simple!

Walker Weir Property Management has been busy managing your property. Our hard work in managing property efficiently coupled with word of mouth has led to continued growth; our Greenlane head office no longer fits the bill so we are on the move to new premises in Newmarket. We’ll circulate our new details soon but all our phone lines, emails will remain the same.

in response to answering the call from our Landlords we are now offering to find properties. If you or anyone you know is looking at adding to your portfolio then we can help. We offer a full property finding service, but at the same time we are more than happy to offer advice on any potential rental. We’ve changed the ‘golden rule’ of property investment to LOCATION-LOCATION-WALKER WEIR

Just when you thought the rental warrant of witness had been and gone after Labour’s latest attempt at rental WOF legislation may had failed it is now back on the cards, The Green Party’s Residential Tenancies (Warm, Safe and Secure Rentals) Amendment Bill is still in the Parliamentary ballot.

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei introduced the Bill back in August.

It would set minimum standards for warmth, dryness and safety in all rental properties, and also contains a host of changes to tenancy standards and regulations.

Now, new Green MP and housing spokesperson Marama Davidson has raised the issue again.

She said children are becoming seriously ill because the Government refuses to create minimum health and safety standards for rental homes and properly renovate state houses.

“Introducing minimum standards is the best way to fix our cold, mouldy, shoddy houses – the Government’s hands-off approach is only going to end up in more Kiwi kids getting sick.”

Davidson called for the Government to enact the Greens Bill.

However, the NZ Property Investors’ Federation believes that a rental WOF is not the best way to go.

NZPIF executive officer Andrew King said the Government was right to reject a comprehensive WOF for rental properties.

“It would affect all tenancies and increase rental prices, rather than concentrating on correcting the main aspect which leads to children becoming sick from their living situations.”

Only 7% of calls from tenants to the Tenancy Services call centre are about the condition of their property, so an all-encompassing WOF would be an expensive and poorly targeted proposal, he said.

“The Minister of Building and Housing’s focus on improving insulation levels in rental properties is likely to achieve more in terms of improving the living conditions of children.”

All tenanted properties will require floor and ceiling insulation by mid-2019, while social housing which receives government subsidies will require insulation by July 2016.

King, who has previously said the Green’s Bill is too restrictive for landlords, also said the NZPIF believes landlords are in a service industry.

“Providing a well maintained home is good customer service as well as being a legal requirement.

“But it's good that tenants are becoming more aware they have a right to expect a safe and well maintained home.”


News that matters

The "bright-line test" was passed into law this week, requiring property investors to pay tax on gains made on properties they bought and sold within two years.  But landlords have been warned by IRD that they will be watching, Revenue Minister Todd McClay said that did not mean investors who held a property for longer than two years would automatically be in the clear for tax purposes.

Investors are being warned not to expect to be able to dodge capital gains tax just by holding on to their properties longer than two years.

The "bright-line test" was passed into law yesterday, requiring property investors to pay tax on gains made on properties they bought and sold within two years.

Revenue Minister Todd McClay said it was an important tool ensure property speculators paid their fair share of tax.

The measures will require income tax to be paid on any gains from residential property purchased on or after October 1 this year and sold within two years.
The exceptions are an owner’s main home, inherited property, and the transfer of relationship property.

McClay said that did not mean investors who held a property for longer than two years would automatically be in the clear for tax purposes.

"We should be clear that the current ‘intention’ test will remain after the two year period. This means that when someone buys a property with the intention of making a profit they must pay income tax on that gain,” he said.

“The proposals in this bill, together with recently enacted rules requiring buyers and sellers of property to provide an IRD number, and non-residents to also provide the foreign equivalent of an IRD number and a New Zealand bank account number, will help Inland Revenue to better

November 29th, 2015

Walker Weir Property Management in Auckland have been busy renting out high quality properties to high quality tenants.

In July we have rented 7 new rental properties and achieved on average 2% more per week than the asking rental price using our unique rental tender process where tenants lodge a bid for the property they wish to rent. The extra dollars received in rent goes along to covering our management fee, not to mention the added benefit of the increased capital value of the property.

For all of you who don’t reside in Auckland, In July we woke up to the chilliest morning in Auckland in over 64 years!

This cold weather was well reported in the media as a couple of days earlier the government announced that landlords have four years to insulate rental properties under proposed new residential tenancy laws.

The Walker Weir difference

Walker Weir manage residential commercial properties in the Auckland area. We are the ‘local specialists’ helping to place quality tenants in Auckland
rental properties. It’s our job to save property owners time and money …to take the hassle out of owning investment property.

August 4th, 2015