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Avoiding Common Investment Property Nightmares

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When most people think of investing in properties, they picture the financial freedom and passive income that comes with investments. While it’s true that property investments can be profit-generating machines, they can also be black holes for your time and money, leaving you with a number of issues.

People don’t talk about investment property nightmares, but it’s important to understand the mistakes you could make and how to avoid them. To put you on the road to financial freedom with property investment, learn more about avoiding these common problems.

The Nightmare Tenant

Perhaps the most common property investment nightmare, a bad tenant can range from someone who doesn’t pay their rent on time to someone who physically destroys your property. Most of the time, bad tenants get into properties because of poor screening processes and a desire to avoid high vacancy periods.

While low vacancy periods are important, placing quality tenants in your property is, too. This doesn’t always mean the highest paying tenant, either, although price is definitely important. It’s essential to do research into a tenant’s rental history, looking at things like their past behaviour and ability to pay rent on time.

A fully-equipped property management service is essential in this process, as professional property managers will have the tools, expertise and time to find the right tenant for your property.

The Horrors of Mispriced Rental Properties

An incorrectly priced rental investment property might not seem too dire at first, but this can have far-reaching consequences for property investors.

For properties that are under-priced, investors are obviously getting far less rental income than they deserve based on market rates. Investors often forget that real estate isn’t an instant solution to their financial goals, with costs including maintenance, renovation and marketing to worry about, too. When coupled with an underperforming property, your earning potential can be seriously diminished.

Overpriced rental properties may seem like a dream come true, but this is often the reason investors can’t attract or retain quality tenants, leading to high vacancy periods that eat into their funds. A balanced approach to property pricing will extract the highest rental income and the best-suited tenant, meaning your property is never under or overpriced.

Due Diligence Disasters

The desire to get into the property market can sometimes lead investors to make impulsive decisions. At other times, an investor simply won’t know what to look for or how to look for it. Both of these scenarios compromise your due diligence and can leave you stuck with expensive mistakes.

For example, investors who don’t have professional inspections performed on a property could end up with a leaky property, an investment that has been exposed to drugs, or a property that is otherwise dilapidated. Due diligence also applies financially, and investors should know exactly what they’re getting involved in, especially in more complicated circumstances such as off-the-plan purchases or body corporate properties.

The Key to Avoiding Investment Nightmares

Avoiding investment nightmares is as simple as doing thorough research and recruiting a professional wherever you have a knowledge gap – however big or small. For example, when searching for an investment loan, consider talking to a mortgage broker. When it comes to managing your property and your tenants, rely on expert residential property management experts.

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March 1st, 2018