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5 Signs Your Property Manager is Not Up to the Job

A balance of possibilities

Not all property managers are equal. Some property managers are more focused on turning individual profits than maintaining long term beneficial relationships with renters and property owners. A good property manager will treat your property like it is their own, and will always be close at hand if you need to discuss anything. In this article, we will discuss five signs that your property manager is not up to the job and it’s time to find another one.

  1. Poor Local Knowledge

A decent property manager will know local trends. They will be able to ask for the highest possible rent for your property because they know how much it’s worth and what the local prices are. If your property manager can’t tell you the average house value in your suburb or the average rental figures, then they might be spending more time drinking coffee than doing the necessary research for their job.

  1. Bad Google Reviews

It is worth noting that people with negative experiences are more likely to review services than those with adequate experiences. That being said, bad Google reviews for your property manager are worth reading, and if there is a clearly visible pattern of substandard behaviour look elsewhere. The internet has made every aspect of our lives more connected, and that includes researching business capabilities.

  1. Difficult to Contact

A property manager should be readily reachable by both the property owner and the tenant. If they are difficult to contact or impossible to peg down on the phone, chances are that they are shirking their responsibility in more ways than one. The property manager needs to be contactable by tenants to organise repairs in a timely and efficient manner. If the property owner can’t contact the manager, chances are the tenants will have problems too, and seeing how a stitch in time saves nine, a manager who is slow to organise repairs can cost you a lot of money in the long run.

  1. Offers no Guarantees

A good property manager will guarantee their services. For properties where they have selected the tenants, this can include a rental income guarantee, which means that you will always be paid rent even if the tenant fails to. A property manager who refuses to guarantee or insure their services exposes you to substantial risk.

  1. They are Impolite

This might not seem like the most important aspect of property management, but property managers are essentially relationship managers. They need to keep everyone happy, from the tenants to the tradespeople, but most importantly the property owners. Impolite landlords and property managers who act aggressively or arrogantly are difficult to deal with and can cause animosity between themselves and clients, which makes difficult situations harder to deal with.

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July 30th, 2018