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Renting a house this summer? How to save disappointment and get the property you want

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No one wants to make the search for a property to rent longer than it has to be...

The property market in summer is crazy. Particularly in January when there is an influx of people coming to the Auckland. Hopeful tenants vying for a property will be competing with groups establishing new flats, people relocating for work and families moving closer to schools. Last summer, a property we managed had 12 applications lodged on it alone, which meant 1 happy group, but leaves 11 disappointed groups that will need to continue their search - browsing TradeMe, attending more viewings and filling out more application forms, sigh.

Tenants often ask us, how can I give myself the best chance at being the successful application for the property I want?

Walker Weir Property Management's 3 tips that will increase your chances of getting the property you want:

1. Be prepared.

Consider bringing your references with you. If a property manager has multiple applications to process but doesn't need to chase references this could give you the edge.
A cover letter can add that personal touch and make you stand out. Explaining your situation can make the agent more comfortable about setting up a tenancy after having a full understanding of what you're up to.
If you're confident that the property you are viewing is the one for you just based on the ad then consider filling out a tenancy application form and bringing it with you. These are often available on the Auckland property management firm's website. This will not only save you time at the property but it will also show that you're well prepared.

2. Honesty is the best policy

Dodging the truth about any issues in the past is likely to be uncovered by a diligent property manager. With the digital age almost anything is available online; it takes less than a minute to check a persons credit history or to check the title of that bogus name of a landlord reference. Tenancy tribunal decisions stay on the record for 7 years.
Overall, it's best to be upfront and honest about any skeletons in the closet otherwise when they are uncovered this will impact your credibility with the agent and your chances of securing the property.

3. First impressions last

Yes, as cliche as it may sound, first impressions last. Being polite on that first email or phone contact does help!  At the viewing doing the basics like being on time (or sending courtesy text message to advise if you're late), leaving your footwear at the door, being well mannered will all help.


Good luck out there,

Walker Weir Property Management


December 28th, 2015